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Research is at the heart of what we do at The Beacon Agency. Our recent focus has been looking at the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in Canada as they strive to innovate their businesses.


 A Force to Reckon With: Women, Entrepreneurship and Risk

Released in 2016, this study debunks the myth that women entrepreneurs are risk-averse and describs their approach instead as “risk-rational.” We know that women entrepreneurs take a holistic approach to risk. We also know that they focus on the implications of their decisions for the long-term sustainability of their businesses. This long-term view of growth is very compatible with the need to constantly innovate to achieve desired results.

Everywhere, Everyday Innovating: Women Entrepreneurs and Innovation

 Sponsored by BMO, Government of Canada, Carleton University and the Beacon Agency, this study examines how and where women are innovating in Canada. The study crosses the country interviewing 146 entrepreneurs in all sectors and regions, ranging from start-ups to multimillion-dollar businesses.