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Thrive Podcast



The Thrive Podcast is a production of Startup Canada and is broadcast through the Startup Canada Podcast Network. On the podcast, award-winning serial entrepreneur, Startup Canada’s Women’s Ambassador and host Janice McDonald connects listeners with, and shares insights from, high profile experts on starting, operating, and scaling thriving business helping women to ‘own it’ in entrepreneurship.


What thrive is all about

A blueprint for business success, our expert guests are diving deep into women entrepreneurship, sharing their wins and their losses, what they had to learn and what they know now, sharing their stories and expertise with you every second Thursday. 



Thrive is a place to discuss everything from blending work and wellness with Emily Rose Antflick, Founder & Chief Community Cultivator at Shecosystem, Recruiting Women in Tech with Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO of SalesChoice, Finding Funding and Capital Advice with Mike Lee, CEO of Fundica, to Unlocking the Power of Women Entrepreneurs with award-winning professor Barbara Orser, here you will find practical, professional and personal stories across the entire woman ecosystem.

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