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The Three C's to Career Advancement

If you do want to get ahead, a little help goes a long way! 

Here are The Three C's to Advance your career:

  1. Clarity - of your career goals - with an eye on strategy...so you know exactly where you want to get to next and after that. Have a clear vision for your future but be open to opportunities that are not exactly aligned with what you planned. Leave room for serendipity!
  2. Communication - of those goals. Let people know what you want.
  3. Collaboration - Work with others to move toward your goals and the shared goals of the organization. A favourite Chinese proverb says: You can't help someone up the mountain without getting to the top yourself.

Here are some other key take-aways:

  • A successful career starts with hard work, but hard work is not enough. You need to network so you are involved in conversations that can open up opportunities. Hard work alone won't get you your next ideal gig. Connect with others in your organization and your industry.
  • The best leaders make sure to hear from everyone on a team, and each individual needs to contribute. When we share our talents and expertise with the group, the whole group benefits. Get off the bench and into the game! Share your knowledge and expertise!
  • Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Get out of your comfort zone and let yourself stretch. You can do it!

You are the architect of your ideal career. A strategic approach will get you closer to your goals. Get off the couch and get focused. Think about what you want and then, go for it.

See you soon in #Niceland,